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To the Birthday Boy

Hi baby,

It’s been a long time,

You are happy,

You are loved,

You are in a place full of people who adore you.

But, we miss you.

We miss snuggles in the mornings, when you sleepily wondered into our bed.

We miss all the kisses..

We miss making brownie cookies, and letting you lick the spoon.

I miss hearing “hey mama look what I can do!” Only to turn around and see you raising your eyebrows up and down.

I miss how when Alice was scared you’d hold her and and tell her it’ll be okay.

I miss that when Axel had a bad dream you’d crawl into his bed and hold him till he fell back asleep. You are the best big brother they could’ve possibly had.

You showed me how to be a mom,

You showed me how to love someone with my whole entire heart.

So Today, I wanted to tell you.

Happy birthday my biggest boy.

I can’t believe you’re 8!

I can’t believe how much you changed me as a person,

How much you still are changing me.

Lastly tho,

I wanted to say, your mamas are doing a great job with you.

With teaching you to be a strong, independent human.

Raising you to be the best person you can be.

Your mamas are amazing women.

And they deserve so much love.

I have so much gratitude for the women who are shaping your life.

They are doing what they can to make sure you are thriving.

Co-parenting is hard.

Nobody knows the right way to do it.

Slowly though, I think we are learning which ways work best for everyone involved.

Hopefully one day, that'll mean you getting to be here with us sometimes...

At least that's what we keep hoping for.

We love you.

We love you more then the grass is green.

More then the sky is blue.

I hope you have the best birthday,

And that all your dreams come true.

Xo- Mama Mitchell

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