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The last year and a half

✩ For the last year and a half, we have been couch surfing. We sold our home in Genesee Idaho, in hopes of better opportunities. My husband quit his job, and we moved to Utah, Washington, Idaho, and finally Oregon. We’ve had adventures all over the pacific north west.

✩We lived in a basement at our relatives house in Utah, and work there fell through. Which was emotional and hard. We miss our cousins who live there. The minis became so close with them, and than we had to leave. This was so hard. Luckily, this was only the beginning of our adventure.

✩We lived in a tiny 10x10 bedroom at my aunt’s house in Oregon. The five of us, and two doggos. It was intense. There was a lot of tension between the five of us. CJ and I’s relationship became difficult- spending 24/7 with someone is tough. Neither one of us had a job. For three months, it drained our savings account. It wasn’t good. But then CJ found an awesome job! With great benefits, awesome pay, and not so great schedule.

✩We moved into my parent’s basement. I got a job at a cute little re-sale shop. We worked opposite hours and never saw each other. The kids started preschool! It was great, they had amazing teachers, and learned so much. I worked 10 hour days, I never saw them. We’d wake up I’d take them to school, CJ would pick them up, I’d get home at 6:30pm, CJ left for work at 5:30pm- I’d eat dinner with my mini's and put them to sleep. We’d wake up and do it all over again… it was exhausting... Then I threw out my back.

✩I resigned from my job. Which meant I got to spend more time with my minis.Then I got a new job working at my minis school! It was perfect. I got to spend all my time with my minis. But, CJ wasn’t happy, he missed his family because he still wasn't happy with his schedule. He got offered a new job, better hours, with not so great benefits. We weighed our options. We decided he would take the new job… 6 hours away from us. We lived apart for a while. It sucked. I felt like a single mom. We saw daddy sometimes on the weekends.

✩We moved into my in-law’s basement, in Idaho. We got to see daddy every day! It was the best. But their dogs didn’t always like our dogs. So Blue and Cappy (our PitBull/Mastiff mix and our Border Collie/Doberman mix) stayed in the basement most of the time. They had no yard to play in. They were miserable. The minis were uncomfortable, I felt trapped. My in-law’s don’t always understand me. I’d hide in the basement with the minis in hopes of not irritating anybody. That didn’t always work. There was always tension, I felt like I was constantly walking on eggshells.

✩My best friend moved back to town! I got to see her every day and it helped. She made me feel better about the person I am. She built me up when I felt broken. She helped me understand my in-law’s better (because she’s basically their child) The minis were happy, mostly. They missed Nonna, and they missed their family in Oregon.

Moving around this past year was indeed an adventure, to say the least. But guess what?


Xo- Mini Mitchells

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