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Road Trippin'

We travel, frequently.

There isn’t a month in the year that we don’t pack up all three minis and take a road trip...

It’s pretty standard for our family.

I know, however for a lot of people going on a road trip with toddlers, seems a bit overwhelming. So I figured I'd share what a road trip with the mini's looks like with all of you... To ease your minds, to give you a look into our real life, crazy.

First things first, (I'm the realest)

just kidding.

But really- I am not the kind of person who is like “pack a bag full of goodies, organize stops, and print our cute little games to keep your kids busy.” Literally, my bra turns into a toy for my minis, because I am never prepared... and even if I think I am- I'm not.

We stop at the gas station always before we leave, I make the minis go potty. Or at last try. And we buy them a Bug juice, because it’s cheap and easy and it closes- so no giant spills happen (unless you’re Trin and dump your juice in your cup holder.)

I let them pick out one snack from the convenient store, normally for them this consists of candy like, gummy worms, chocolate, baby bottle pops, or if I'm lucky chips. (and by lucky I mean, they end up crunched all over the floor of the Nissan)

Let me tell you, I've been the mom who packs healthy snacks like apples and oranges, and they end up uneaten, and smashed on the floor of my car. Literally smashed. I mean, I guess that's one way to make apple sauce, am I right?

Traveling, specifically road trips with the minis is crazy.

I'm not even gonna sugar coat this. It takes a strong person to do it.

Can you drive at 70 mph while also unwrapping a Twix bar, listening to Old town road on repeat and breaking up a fist fight between a 3 and 4 year old?

Than this task is perfect for you!

My one and only pro tip for trips, is plan them around nap time.

Life is so much easier when the littlest one falls asleep.

Also, teach your sons how to pee on a tire (for some reason Axel is the one who always needs a potty when there is no potty) so he’s an expert at peeing on tires. He’ll tell you “aim down so it doesn’t splash all over you!”


Next road trip- Portland for Halloween!

Halloween is our favorite.

What are y’all gonna dress up as?

If you can guess what the minis will be, you’ll get a sweet treat from us!

Until next time, Thanks for stopping by!

Xo- Mini Mitchell’s

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