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Hey Guys! Welcome

Hey guys!

I’m Jessica; I have three mini's Alice, Axel and Trinity. For the past 6 years I have been a stay at home mommy, trying to find my place in this world. Being a mom is hard work. #Momlife is a struggle sometimes.

✩I’ve forever been on this mission to show everyone real life. What it’s actually like to be a mommy. Not the sugar coated stuff everyone else tells us about. The good, the bad, the ugly, the amazing and the perfect.

✩I married my husband CJ when I was 18. We met in Utah when we were both running away from our problems for the summer. 5 months into dating we were engaged. When you know, you just know right? On July 13th, 2012 I became Mrs. Jessica Mitchell and it’s been a beautiful, crazy ride.

✩We definitely have grown up a lot together, have struggled. We have been through the hardest times but we are here. We are in a good place a very happy place. I am lucky to have such a loving supportive husband.

✩ When I was 19, I had Alice. The other 2 minis followed soon afterwards. My children are literally everything I ever wanted out of life. I always wanted to be a mommy, and my mini's made that dream a reality for me.

✩Maybe you’re wondering “why are they called the Mini Mitchells? And it’s actually a short story! CJ’s parents are obviously “the Mitchell’s” and to decipher the difference I just started signing everything “The Mini Mitchell’s” and since Alice, Axel and Trinity are our children. They’re our mini's, thus the Mini Mitchells was created!

✩ So why did I decide to start this blog? I want to encourage other mommy’s to be themselves, to not feel like you have to be exactly like every other mom out there and have your own opinion. I wanted a safe place to share my #momlife moments when I really just feel like hiding in a closet and never coming out. I want to have a kids corner where I share the toys they like, the things they like to do and the clothes they wear. If not for others, just so that my mini's will have something they can look back on and see. A journal for my mini's so they can relive their childhood someday. Also sharing our lifestyle, what we like to do as a family and how our lives are progressing. I hope you to enjoy this journey with us.

✩ I plan on posting a new blog at least once a week! I'm not set on a certain day, because #momlife but stay tuned, more is coming! So much more!

Xoxo- Mini Mitchells

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