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Forgiveness sounds good

Hi, I’ve held onto things, even little things that should’ve been forgiven- not just recent things, but things since I was a little girl. So, to all of the people who i’ve held things against wether I’ve told you or not- this is for you.

I forgive you for...

Jumping out of the car.

For that time you called me ungrateful and lazy when I was pregnant, and puking daily- and taking medicine so that my child would get nutrients. When I’d cry myself to sleep, because my body was failing me, and you thought I should’ve still been making dinner for your husband every single night.

For slapping me across the face when I said fuck you.

For that time you screamed down the hallway that I wasn’t a virgin.

For the times you called me a whore.

For the time you used me to make your ex jealous.

For letting him get away with everything, even when I’d get in trouble for everything.

For the time you bit me out of anger and rage.

For killing Achilles.

That time you took a bath with my newborn baby, because you “were cold” even though I had specifically told you not to.

For punching me in the face because he thought it would be funny.

For pretending to be a guy so I would fall in love with you…

For grounding me 6 months after it happened.

For that time you kicked me out of your house for sticking up for my children after you yelled at them for your dog pooping in their room.

For leaving me.

For all the times you chose her over me.

For that time you dropped me off on the side of the road and told me I wasn’t your family.

For the time you contemplated leaving me when I was 4 months pregnant, because she said she still loved you.

For that time you threw away all my left over pizza.

For the time you told my husband I was a bad influence and that he should divorce me, because I smoke and have tattoos.

For all the times you told your family that I do drugs.

For all the times you’ve told me that I’d be prettier if...

For not getting me ice cream after outdoor school.

For stealing my favorite pair of jeans.

For the multiple times you cheated.

For all the money you spent.

For that time you didn’t show up to my baby shower.

For the time you told my kids you would, and didn’t.

For bringing her to my bridal shower.

For not acknowledging me as a Mitchell for a full 3 years after I married your son.

For that one time I told I was pregnant and you said “wow that’s really shitty timing.”

For packing up my wedding before I even had the chance to enjoy my daddy daughter dance.

For the time you told me you would never want to have children because you spent an hour with mine.

For believing your daughters lies.

For never taking me to the Backstreet Boys concert.

For telling me to “go take another pill” because mine “obviously aren’t working.”

For telling them when I tried to kill myself.

For not inviting me to Seattle, even though you invited everyone else.

I forgive you for never telling me that you are sorry for hurting me.

I forgive you, because I’ve been you. I’ve done things I shouldn’t do. I do things that are questionable. As a parent though, I’m teaching my minis to forgive, even if it hurts, even if it’s hard... because this is our one chance. Even if we make mistakes, we can make things right and that’s what I am trying to do now.

So I want you to know,

I forgive you...

Maybe writing these things down and saying them,

will allow me too also forget.. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Xo- Mama Mitchell

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