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Easy Christmas DIY

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

We watch a lot of YouTube, and sometimes get inspired by what we see.. (I saw this DIY on Do It On A Dime) Which is great because earlier today Alice had asked me, if we could start decorating for Santa to come... and I wanted something simple, easy, and fun that we could do together. So we made Christmas throw pillows! and the best part is they cost a whole $2 a piece! That's right two dollars for the cutest throw pillows, to help make any room more festive for the Holidays.

What you'll need (per pillow)

2 Tapestry Placemats from the dollar store.

A hot glue gun/ glue for the glue gun

An old pillow (for the fluff) you could also use scrap fabric or batting


Place two placemats right sides together.

Use glue gun to secure place mats to each other

Leave a tiny opening in one of the four corners to flip pillow right side out

Flip pillow so it's no longer inside out

Have your mini fill pillow with fluff (or of course do it yourself)

Once filled to your liking use glue gun to finish gluing the pillow together

Throw pillow on the couch and enjoy!!

(& if you're anything like Trin put on copious amounts of NYX liquid lipstick and kiss Santa)

Thanks for stopping by!

If you decide to give this DIY a try please post it on Instagram or Facebook and tag us!

We'd love to see what you all create.

And let me know if you'd like to see more easy DIY's in the future.

Xo- Mini Mitchell's

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