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Dear Axel

I love you.

You are my best friend.

My sweet little soul, my forever baby man.

It's been five years since I first laid eyes on you. Since you made your grand entrance into this crazy world.

Five years since you stole my heart.

Thank you for being mine.

For making my mama heart smile every day. For making me laugh when you show me all the cool tricks you can do (like hoping on one foot backwards)

For giving me foot massages because "you deserve it mommy"

For waking me up every morning with that electric smile of yours.

Thank you for always giving me snuggles before bedtime.

For singing baby shark with me when we drive down the road.

For giving me all the kisses.

You are the sweetest, best baby boy mommy could've ever asked for.

I love going on date days with you, shopping for toys, and listening to you sing all the good girls go to hell, over and over again.

You came into this world on November 3rd 2014 and the world has been a better place ever since. You are my whole world, my Hulk smash, Baby man, Ray-ray, Axie poo, Stinker Butt.

You make everyday and adventure.

You give me hope for the future.

You are the best boy in the world.

-"How'd you get so cute?"

-"Because you made me cute!"

Don't ever forget how loved you are.

Don't ever believe you are not enough.

✩You are always enough.

Xo- Mini Mitchells

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