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Dear Alice

Dear Sweet Bellie Bug,

You make me crazy.

You make me so damn proud to be your mama.

You are full of sass, and a pain in my ass.

But baby girl, don’t you ever change.

You inspire me…

The way you set your mind to something, and excel at it,

The way you memorize every single Taylor swift song.

The way you told us that you didn’t need training wheels anymore, and hopped on your bike and took off.

The way you smile.

The grin on your face when you play a trick on someone.

You are incredibly smart.

How you can see something on YouTube and tell me exactly how to do it the next day.

You make me believe in love…

The way you hold on to Teddy the Bear.

The way you want to call Nonna every single day because you miss her.

The way you tell me you’re going to move in with her when you turn 18.

The way you read books to your brother and sister.

When you give Trin snuggles because she is sad.

You teach me to not be scared…

The way you want to watch scream every chance you get.

The fact that your favorite show is iZombie.

The way you hug me if you know I’m upset.

Or when there’s a noise at night you ask if I’m okay.

Thank you for being mine.

And Happy Birthday my big beautiful Kindergartener!

Some things we never forget, for me its:

41 weeks, plus 46 hours of labor.

Wednesday September 11th2013.

The Day I became a mom.

6 years ago.

but i constantly find myself asking;

How did this happen?

How is she 6?

Where has the time gone?

Am I raising her right?

Am I failing?

Am I succeeding?

What's something you'll always remember?

Am I the only one who talks to myself? 😅

Xo-Mini Mitchells

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