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Conquering the big red slide.

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

A little way away from our town is this “magic” aquatic center. It’s “magic” because it has the “most fun pool ever mommy!” And the mini’s love pool days, especially when it’s 90+ degrees outside. Normally pool days aren’t filled with much excitement other than splashing, jumping into the little pool, and getting water dumped onto our heads.

Today was the day Alice and Axel decided to conquer the big red water slide. Now, this water slide is no ordinary slide, it literally goes straight down. And my brave little mini’s decided they were gonna show mama how it was done (cuz let’s face it, I was way too scared to even attempt going down it) First, they warmed up by going down the yellow “loopy” slide, and it was so much fun watching their smiling faces splash down at the end of the slide. Time after time. The yellow slide is Axel and Alice’s favorite part of the water park.

Trini and I stayed in the little pool watching them being all big and brave. She’s too tiny to go down the slides safely, so we play while we wait.

All of a sudden I’m watching the slide and something caught my eye.


Whaaaaaaaaat even is life.

She said “oh no mommy it was so scary! I will never go down it again.” But she did- once more because “wait we have to get a picture to show Nonna!”

Then here comes Axel running over to tell me “check out what I’m gonna do!” and just like that he climbed the stairs and went down the red slide too!

My mama heart could barely handle it.

He got to the bottom and cried.

But he says “see mama I’m so big!”

That slide went way to fast.

But it was such a blast.

For the rest of the time though, they only went down the yellow slide.

I love pool days.

I love watching the minis be brave.

Would you go down this water slide?

What’s your favorite thing to do on a hot summer day?

Only 27 more days of summer till school starts up!

Any tips on how to prepare myself for having no kids at home for part of the day?

Thanks for stopping in!

Xo- Mini Mitchell’s

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