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Christmas Tradition

Every year, it seems for me Christmas gets a little less magical...

and I'd hate to let that magic fizzle completely.

It's so important to me that the minis have a special Christmas, that they feel the magic I used to feel when I was little...

It got me thinking, what is our Christmas tradition?

What makes Christmas something special for us?

Every year, the day after thanksgiving our Elf (now Elves! thanks to moving and losing one and then finding him again) come and visit.. That is probably the biggest thing in our home this time of year. The kids wake up and will literally scream in excitement "Mommy!! Trinket is back!" "Mommy Trinket had a marshmallow fight with the toys!" Mommy Cutie Pop made us pancakes!" and it's my favorite to see their little faces light up with pure joy.

My dad dresses up like Santa since 2013, no matter what he will put on his Santa suit and take photos with the minis, it's my absolute favorite thing. They don't even believe in "Santa" they just think Papa brings them tons of presents and everyone else because he is their Chris Kringle!

Ginger Bread house, As a kid- I never remember making a ginger bread house... and I always wanted to. So I make sure every year that we make one- even if it's a "pre-made" box kit... because there is something so magical and special about creating together- and then eating it 5 seconds after we are done.

We always, always, ALWAYS get matching Christmas jammies... because I am that mom. I want all the cute photos of them matching each other, it makes my heart happy.

Of course, lastly Christmas morning presents...

but for some reason though, this doesn't seem like enough.

I want to do everything I can to have them feel the magic of Christmas...

So I'm asking...

What is your favorite tradition?

What do you do as a family?

or even by yourself that makes you feel the magic?

leave your comments down below, or email us! we'd love to hear from you

Xo- Mini Mitchells

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