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Box of Happy

We love ice cream!

But who doesn’t right?

Lucky for us, there is a Dairy Queen down the street from our house. The minis love trying all the new blizzard flavors.

They especially like the new Sour Patch ones! "They're so spicy mama"

Dairy Queen reached out to us, and sent us a Box of Happy! Because #HappyTastesGood. The minis were so excited to get a package in the mail. Mail time is literally their favorite part of the day, or at least a close second to ice cream time!

“Here’s the mail, it never fails, it makes me wanna wag my tail! Maaaaaillll!”

We loved playing in our new sprinkler, having a water balloon fight, our take on the red spoon challenge, and dancing to all the things on our new Coca-Cola blue tooth speaker.

We love summertime!

We love Dairy Queen!

We are soaking up all the summer fun we can until school starts in September.

All of the minis will be attending school this year. So this mama is spending as much time spoiling the minis with fun adventures until then...

What’s your favorite flavor blizzard?

What do you always have to order when you visit DQ?

Xo- Mini Mitchell’s

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