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Before There Were Minis

Before there were minis...

I wish I would've known how hard motherhood would be.

I wish I would've been more prepared.

To understand that for the rest of my life, my heart would be on my sleeves.

That they don't give you a guide to how to "be a mother" and that, yes you are expected to just go home with this tiny human and take care of it.

Before I had minis I never even considered that being married but being 19 still technically made me a "teen mom" and that I would add to some sort of statistic.

Before there were minis...

I didn't know what HFM stood for. I didn't know what croup was. I didn't have an opinion on vaccines, or circumcision.

Before there were minis I only thought about myself, what I could do to make myself happy, what I could buy for me, what I wanted to do for me.

Before there were minis...

I didn't know that labor could last 47 hours.

I didn't know the only texts I'd send to my husband through the day would be about baby poop. I didn't think I'd ever have to tell someone "No we don't pee on our sisters!" "Please don't play with yourself at the kitchen table" or my favorite"No I will not "poop off pooper pants"

Before I had minis...

I didn't know I'd enjoy watching Frozen on repeat everyday for six months straight, only to do it again 3 years later when my second daughter discovered Elsa.

I didn't think I'd ever be the biggest Marvel fan, because my son wants to be Ironman, Thor, Flash, Captain America and the Hulk.

I wish I would've known...

That this would be the best adventure I'd ever go on.

That being "just a stay at home mom" was a privilege, but damn hard work.

That just because someone had a baby before me, doesn't mean they know what is best for my baby.

That I was allowed to say no to grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends who did things without my permission, or things I had previously said no to.

That I was and always will be the boss.

That no matter what I choose for my child, someone would think I was doing it wrong.

and that motherhood, is literally the toughest hood you will ever go through.

Before I had minis...

I barely even knew myself.

I am so lucky to be their mama.

I learn something new about motherhood everyday.

these crazy minis always keep me on my toes...

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Xo- Mini Mitchells

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