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An open letter to my ex best friend(s)

Dear you,

At one point in my life you were the exact person I needed. You know/knew all of my secrets and you were there for me when I was broken. As we got older we drifted…

You helped me get through the awkward stages of middle school, you turned into the girl I needed when things got hard. You protected me from unnecessary drama. You’d always encourage me to push myself to do better. We were going to move to New York together when we graduated high school.

You were my friend freshmen year when things didn’t come easy for me. You accepted me for who I was and encouraged me to do better. To not worry about stupid boys who broke my heart, to follow what I felt was right. You were there when I got baptized and turned my whole life around. You saw me grow into the person I am today.

You were my best friend. You’d go to all the high school football games with me. My parents helped buy your class ring. I made you stupid peanut butter cupcakes for your birthday. And came and drank milkshakes at your work to keep you company.

You made me believe in myself. You encouraged me to not settle. You bought me snicker flavored mochas and got me addicted to coffee. You let me dye your hair in my tiny bathroom, and snuggled me when we went to sleep. I looked up to you, and the way you didn’t care about what anyone thought about you. We brain stormed baby names when you found out you were pregnant.

You had been there for me since the seventh grade. You’d come to my house for toe sock short-short parties, you called my parents mom and dad. The first time you met my dad you almost peed yourself you were so scared of him, because you had never seen a real gun before and he had just gotten back from elk hunting. You were the first person I called when I found out I was going to be a mommy. You even gave her a nickname before we knew she was a she. You helped me pick out names for all three of the minis. You knew how important you were to my family. You got on a train and traveled 3 hours to see me when I moved away.

I just want you to know. I am so proud of you. All of you. The wonderful women you’ve turned out to be today. Living out your dream in New York city. Running your own business. Being one badass mommy, and taking care of your two children with such elegance and class. Somehow having the strength to get through all of the awful things life has thrown your way, and still keeping a smile on your face. Becoming a model, and living your best life.

Weather it was a stupid fight over something I can’t even remember, or me taking our friendship for granted, or me not being there when I should’ve been, or simply just our paths going in different directions… I want you to know, I see you, I root for you, I pray for you every single day, I am so sorry if I ever hurt you, and most of all I love you.

I hope that one day my mini’s get to experience the types of friendships that I’ve got to.

#momlife is hard.

Every day I wish I still had these beautiful, strong, courageous women by my side.

Xo- Mini Mitchells

No names were used in this post to protect the privacy of the people who were talked about, and photos were edited to conceal their identities.

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