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A Letter To Me

Dear, You.

You struggle everyday, except today. Today is a good day,

So I wanted to write you this letter...

You are strong, mentally.

You can overcome things that nobody would even think about overcoming. You've made it through an abusive relationship that almost broke you. You've turned your current relationship from the brinks of break-up to a success. You are somebody's rock. You keep your people positive, and reassure them that this life is worth it. It is worth everything.

You are strong, physically.

You've given birth unmedicated. You've given birth medicated. You've given birth! That itself is something to be proud of. You've pushed through a thrown out back to give the minis everything they've needed/wanted. You're strong mama. Do not ever forget that.

You are brave.

You've left your home to find yourself. You've lived in a town where you have nobody, and you're still out there killin' it every single day. You walk into the unknown with your eyes wide open. Never letting fear stop you from finding your path.

You are more than you illness.

You are not just someone who has depression. You will never just be the mom who has anxiety. You are someones hero. You are the reason these little people keep going, even when they're scared, even when they're sad, even when they're wild. You are the one they need. Always.

You are beautiful.

It's okay to not have the perfect body, it's okay to have stretch marks, to not fit into your jeans from high school. To look back at those pictures and think "and I thought I was fat then." You brought babies into this world. You struggle with PCOS, and endometriosis and it's okay. You still get to love the body you have now. You're eyes are expressive, they shine, they don't tell lies. They're the most beautiful green. When you're happy you are glowing. You show others they can make it through anything, because you have. You are confident.

It's okay to love yourself.

You are more than just someones mom. You, yourself matter.

Always love yourself, and sometimes put yourself first.

You are worth it.

You deserve it.

Because you've earned this.

(girl you earn, earn, earn, earned it)

Mama don't worry.

You are doing just fine.

and it's okay to not be perfect every single day.

The only things that really matter are that you are here,

You are okay and you are doing the best you can.

Xo- Mini Mitchells

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