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this was never part of the plan,

when i was younger i never pictured a life where i’d be living longer then 25- it just didn’t seem like it would be in the cards for me. i was lonely, i was depressed, i was struggling to find the will to survive...

i remember junior year picking out my class ring, and the lady who was sizing my finger said not to plan to wear my ring on my left ring finger because one day i’d be married. i laughed at her, marriage wasn’t ever part of the plan.

how crazy is it that my life changed so fast.

someone go back and tell 16 year old me, that 11 years from then

she’ll be married. she will be the mom to 5 children, 2 dogs and have a whole ass mortgage. that she’ll be waking up every morning to mini voices yelling “mommy! mommy!”

i wish i could let her know- that life didn’t end when her abusive relationship did.

someone give that 16 year old me a huge hug. tell her it gets better,

that she doesn’t even know what life has in store for her..

someone go tell her the plan changed.

i am 27 years old today.

way closer to 30 then i ever thought would happen.

way happier then i ever imagined.

way more blessed then i knew possible.

happy 27 years to me.

i fucking did that shit.

i survived.

Xo- Mama Mitchell

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